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7th Buffalo-San Black & Asian Short Film Festival (2010)

Buffalo-san a Black & Asian short film festival, part of the Wandsworth Arts Festival, is happening again on Sunday 6th June 2010 at the BAC Battersea Arts Centre.
The festival will feature innovative and exciting short films and documentaries from new and established filmmakers from the UK and abroad. With Q&As, prizes for the best film (chosen by the audience) and live performance poetry and musicians on the night
The festival will be attended by development executives from C4BBC DramaThe UK Film CouncilMiramax - Working Title and other film media professionals.

A short video about the festival in 2010:


Movies & News - Mobile Men

"Mobile Men is a short film by Apichatpong Weerasethakul, one of 22 (3 minutes long) segments from the omnibus called Stories on Human Rights (2008/Russia/Germany), in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights." Unspoken Cinema


Movies & News - The World's First Iphone4 Produced Movie

Oldboy director Park Chan-wook shoots new film on iPhone


Submission 2011

There is no submission fee.

Please fill the form in CAPITAL LETTERS.


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7th Buffalo-San Festival 2010

7TH BUFFALO-SAN 2010 Programme

Music from the amazing Angie Blue

Five foot High and Rising (Dur:29 Mins)

  • Winning Jury prize at Sundance 2000
  • Drama(16mm) Written Directed by Peter Sollett
  • “ An inspired look at sexual innocence and discovery set in the distinctive world of New York City’s lower East Side, where Victor a 12 year old boy discovers what growing is all about “
  • Watch the whole film here!

Physical Education (Dur: 8mins)

  • Drama (2009) Directed by: Rohan Green
  • "15 year old Casey is training hard for the 2012 Olympics but must look deeper into her self to find her fierce sporting persona when forced to confront bullies. Standing up to them in a climatic showdown.But is it all too much too late?"

Vitthal (Dur: 15mins)
  • Genre: Drama
  • 2008 Written &Directed by:Vindoo Choliparambil
  • Following the death of Vitthal’s Grandfather, according to Hindu death rituals, his parents have to shave their eldest sons head . 12 year old Vitthal the eldest son, is angry , very angry indeed, his world is shattered.

May (Dur: 1min)
  • Genre: Animation
  • Yoshida Annimation

My Dad The Communist (Dur: 17mins)

  • Drama- 2009
  • Written –Directed by Lab Ky Mo
  • “TONY is a teenager whose ‘inscrutable’ CHINESE DAD has a near-death experience in a car crash. TONY yearns to break down the cultural barriers between him and his Dad before it’s too late."

Crazy in Love: The Secret Life of Azeem (Dur: 7.10)
  • Written/Directed by Azeem Khan
  • "After being kept apart from Atika, his Moroccan bride, who was back in Marrakech. Our protagonist Azeem, fights manic depression the authorities and anything else to get Atika back with him, here in England. A love story."
  • Genre: Experimental drama

STOPPA introduces Reality 10mins

BREAK 10 mins

Stoppa Intro 2nd Half

The Road Home (Dur: 23mins)
  • Drama (35mm) - Directed by Rahul Gandotra
  • “Ten year old Pico struggles to settle in his new boarding school in the Himalayas. Abandoned by his parents and picked on by bullies, he runs away. Travelling through a landscape he barely knows, can Pico find his way home to England?”

The Virus (Dur: 10mins)
  • Directed by Kole Onile-ere
  • UK- Scifi drama

Zanzibar Soccer Queens (Dur:15mins)

  • Documentary
  • Directed by Florance Ayisi
  • "A provocative and timely portrait of woman fighters, a team of Zanibar woman playing soccer and defining new roles and identities for themselves, in a predomionantly Muslim society."

Our Time Alone (Dur: 15mins)

  • Drama
  • Directed By Gurchetan Singh UK(Red)
  • "A hole in the wall begins to take on strange properties, mutating to reflect an old mans illness and encapsulate his daughter’s darkest fears”

Top Girl (Dur: 18.5mins)

  • Drama (Super 16mm-Written/Directed By Rebeecca Johnson
  • “Brixton rude girls Donna and Felicia are inseparable best friends but aspiring MC Donna is unquestionably TOP GIRL. Truthful, tender and brutally comic, TOP GIRL tells a story of girls growing up in a man's world.”
Watch the whole movie here:

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The Winners

in 2010:
The Road Home by Rahul Gandotra

Recent winner 'The Little Terrorist' by Ashvin Kumar went on to be nominated for an Oscar a few months later.

Another notable film we screened, 'Antonio's Breakfast' by Daniel Mulloy went on to win a BAFTA for the best short film that year.


About Us

The main inspiration behind the festival is to create a greatly needed exhibition outlet for new and established film makers from the Black and Asian diaspora. Screening the most innovative and highly realised short films - The production values aren't as important as the controlling idea of the film.

Another prime objective of the Buffalo-san festival is to attract entirely new audiences to view these films with the onus being on entertainment, and to this end, we incorporate live music, and performance poetry on the night.

Buffalo-san starts from grass roots level, showing films that fire the imagination and inspire the audience. Who then get to choose the winning film by voting for their favourite on the night.

Our approach is holistic including live entertainment from poets, musicians, and story tellers who's performances challenge the boundaries of their perceived genres. This is one night extravanganza presenting a unique array of short films and documentaries selected from filmmakers from all over UK and abroad.

This popular blend of films, live performances and audience participation encapsulates the unique lavour that makes the 'Buffalo-san Film Festival' what it is. There will be networking opportunities in the bar after the show with the filmmakers themselves and other industry professionals.